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# 96
Additional Remains
Sermon XXIV

"In His death He became poor.
(1.) Once His ear was filled with the holy songs of angels, hymning their pure praises: "Holy, holy, holy;" now His ears are filled with the cry of His creatures: "Not this man, but Barabbas"-"Crucify Him, crucify Him." Once every face was veiled before Him; now rulers deride Him-soldiers mock Him-thieves rail on Him. They shoot out the lip-they wag the head-they give Him vinegar to drink. "He became poor" indeed.
(2.) Once God loved Him without a cloud between; now not a ray of divine love fell upon His soul; but instead of it, a stream of infinite wrath. He that once said: "The Lord possessed Me: I was daily His delight," now cried: "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani." Ah! This was poverty indeed!
(3.) Once He gave being to unnumbered worlds-gave life to all-He was the Prince of life; but now He bowed His head, and gave up the ghost. He lay down in the grave among worms. He became a worm, and no man.
Ah! This is what is set before you in bread and wine today: The Son of God became poor. He takes simple bread, to show you it is a poor man that is set before you-broken bread, to show that He is a crucified Savior. Ah! Sinners, whilst you gaze on these simple elements, remember the sufferings of Him who is the Lord of glory, and who died for sinners. "This do in remembrance of Me.""

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