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Item Name: Who Says So? Biblical View of Scriptural Authority - Bob Jones III
Category: Soul Winning
Sub-Category: Booklets
Item Number: BJU-089084-8750
Price: $3.69
Even secular observers recognize that modern society is frighteningly adrift in a sea of rebelliousness and lawlessness. The cause of this condition is not the outward manifestations: violence, visible unrest, murder, hatred. The real cause is inward, spiritual. An inner struggle has raged within man since Adam's fall in the Garden of Eden, a constant resistance to control.

Dr. Bob Jone III, identifies the key issue as submission to authority. Beginning with the Biblical foundation of God's authority, Dr. Jones goes on to demonstrate how that authority extends to all areas of a believer's life. He candidly and powerfully utilizes a "down-to-earth_ style to challenge Christians to return to a Biblical understanding -- and practice -- of God's authority structure.

You will be blessed and filled with joy if you do.


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