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Item Name: Where the RIGHT went WRONG On NATIONAL SECURITY -- And the LEFT Too
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Americans are currently living in a national security state. Freedom, privacy, and dissent in America are being suppressed in the name of national security. Illegal domestic spying is violating our civil liberties. Everyday that the war in Iraq continues, we are sacrificing peace in order to maintain peace.

How exactly did this happen? In his electrifying new book, "Where the Right Went Wrong on National Security (and the Left too), " Andre Michael Eggelletion, author of "Thieves in the Temple," once more shines a spotlight on how important decisions are made in America. He traces the rise of our current national security state from the passage of the National Security Act of 1947, to the decision made to utilize Nazi war criminal scientists after World War 11, to funding being illegally diverted to the Contras, to Bush's decision to invade Iraq. He takes you on a journey into the shadowy realm of U.S. Presidential policies on strategic petroleum reserves, and reveals how America's petroleum dependence has cost more than we bargained for. Step by step, Eggelletion exposes how we have become a nation that can justify any aggressive act-against other countries or against our own citizens-as necessary to preserve national security.

"Where the Right Went Wrong" is a book no concerned American can afford to ignore. Once more, Mr. Eggelletion has led the way in unflinching examination of our political system. It is time all Americans followed his path.

190 pages


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