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Item Name: Book - Controlling The Human Mind: The Most Effective Method Ever Devised! YOU Are In Danger
Category: Illuminati Plan
Sub-Category: Mind Control
Item Number: E-06
Price: $17.99
This is THE Century for understanding the human brain and controlling the mind! Technologies have advanced relentlessly, under cover of government secrecy and National Security.

First part of this book exposes the sinister side of this technology, while the second part explores the positive uses.

HOWEVER, government control of this line of experiments leads us to conclude the worst scenario and that is frightening: this type of Mind Control is threatening to reside in our inner soul and inner mind, attempting to take over the "seat of our souls"!

Electromagnetic Energy -- Scalar and HAARP -- are the culprits, as they can operate on the very frequency on which our brain operates, and can threaten to take over our minds!

MUST READ for anyone interested in protecting their family from these insidious attacks.

256 pages

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