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Item Name: KJV Thompson Abridged Reference Bible - Teens and New Christians -Black Bonded Leather - Not Indexed
Category: Bibles
Item Number: KB-0887075606
Price: $64.99
The KJV Bible Text is NOT Abridged, as the title may suggest; rather, only the number of study topics is abridged. This Abridged Study Bible contains 2,000 study topics rather than the 7,000 topics in a regular Thompson Bible

What is so special about a Thompson Study Bible? Thompson® Bibles are made for those who use their Bibles every day. A Thompson® study Bible will help you in ways other Bibles can't. It's the unique Chain- Reference® System that allows you to follow any subject, person, place or idea, from the front of your Bible to the end. Thompson® users say it's the best way to study your Bible. No other Bible has this superb, patented, "Chain- Reference® System" developed by Dr. Frank C. Thompson in 1890. Since that time, Kirkbride has been adding thousands of additional topics and links. Every page is stuffed with treasure. Your Thompson® Bible will become a trusted friend.

This study Bible is the kind of Bible you need to give to Teenagers, Tweens, and New Believers!

Black Bonded Leather

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