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Item Name: The Gospels: Lost & Found -- Pamphlet
Category: Pamphlets - Booklets
Item Number: RP-605X
Price: $3.99
Who REALLY wrote the Gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Or, were they written by people utterly unconnected with the eyewitnesses, as some books and TV shows allege?

Were the Gospels written centuries after Jesus' death and resurrection, long after Jesus' followers had died?

Were there other gospels that were included in the New Testament -- and then removed? Why were some books included in the Holy Canon and others rejected?

This pamphlet gives excellent reasons you can trust the New Testament. Dr. Jones shows where critics are flat wrong, providing you with logical, well-reasoned arguments for believing that these Gospels are the only Divinely-inspired writings -- not dozens of others.

Pamphlet is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", but folds out to 38". Fits inside the cover of most medium-sized Bible covers

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