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Item Name: The Case for Christ's Resurrection - DVD w/FREE Book - Most Comprehensive Evidence Ever Compiled On Christ's Resurrection
Category: Special Offers
Item Number: BL-978-0882704139
Price: $26.94
Sale Price: $14.96
DVD is priced separately at $19.95 and the book at $6.99. Therefore, you save $6.99 by buying this combo offer

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Was Jesus alive after His death on the cross? This documentary investigates the historical record, draws upon advanced medical knowledge, searches the Apostle's lives, and explores ancient Jewish burial customs.

DVD uses scientific technologies to examine the controversial 'Shroud of Turn', the 2000-year-old burial cloth of Jesus. For the first time, through phsyics and space-age imaging, scientists are able to view the crucified body of Jesus in a 3- dimensional holographic image. Once you see what these scientists have discovered, your faith will be greatly strenghtened!

DVD runs 120 minutes while Book has 310 pages! Great value!


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