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Item Name: Director Dave's Sunday School Lessons - MP3
Category: Audio Tapes and audio on CD
Sub-Category: MP3
Item Number: CE-CD-DD01
Price: $19.99
When I was Adult Sunday School teacher in Warwick, Rhode Island, I taught a series of Adult Sunday School lessons which were very well received, and which we sold on audio cassette. Now you can buy these lessons on one CDROM.

These are the lesson titles: 1) Spiritual Warfare - Angelic Host Protection 2) From Antichrist to Jesus Christ 3) Spiritual Warfare In Life of the Apostle Paul 4) Salvation Self-Test & Salvation Plan 5) Study of Hebrews 11 -- Superiority of Walking By Faith Not Sight 6) Hebrews 12: Looking Away From All That Distracts, To Jesus! 7) Romans 1 - Key Doctrines Plus Biblical Definition of Paganism 8) From The Depths of Despair To The Heights of Joy: Study of Romans 7 & 8 9) Discovering the Fervency In Salvation

Almost 5 hours of instruction!


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