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Item Name: The 10 Commandments - 4 Session Set - Fresh Biblical View
Category: Pastor Crone
Item Number: NFBC-DVD-13
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $9.99
This DVD is designed as a 'Soul Winning' video! The entire purpose of the 10 Commandments was to act as God's 'X-Ray' into your heart. The whole premise of the 10 Commandments is to drive you to Jesus Christ!

Most people think they have to be 'good enough' to go to Heaven, but the 10 Commandments show that person that 'human goodness' is a failure and cannot deliver you to Heaven. Only by recognizing the stark reality which the 10 Commandments teach and throwing yourself at the foot of Jesus' blood-stained Cross can you be saved

This DVD is a totally new and refreshing examination of the 10 Commandments! You can lead a person to Jesus Christ through this video. A Plan of Salvation is presented at the end of this video!

There are 4 sessions on this DVD of 30 to 35 minutes each.

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