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Item Name: God Is Powerful - DVD - 4 Session DVD
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Christian Life/Growth
Item Number: NFBC-dvd-05
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $4.99
Most Christians act as if they do not really believe that God exists. This is not only detrimental in our walk with God, it keeps others from believing in Him. Therefore, to avoid this irony of a Christian living like a practical atheist, this series, 'God is Powerful', reveals that we know God is Powerful by: 1) His Display of Creation; 2) Demonstration of Miracles; 3) Destroying the Works of Satan; 4) By His Defeat of Death.

Then we see what God’s Power is like, in that There’s Nothing He Cannot Do and There’s nothing that Can Intimidate Him.

Finally, we see What God’s Power Can Do for YOU. Believer, this is the awesome message we have the privilege to tell to the nations, God not only exists, but through Jesus Christ, people really can have an intimate personal relationship with the Creator of the universe!

But I’m telling you, if the world is ever going to believe our message, then you and I must stop acting like practical atheists and start demonstrating by our lips as well as our lives that God is Powerful.

Once you begin living as though God is truly Omnipotent in your life, then your witness will begin to sparkle and the Holy Spirit will then begin to use you to lead people to Jesus Christ

4 Session DVD

  • God's Power is Over All Things
  • God's Power Can Do All Things
  • God's Power Cannot Be Intimidated
  • God's Power Can Help Us
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