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Item Name: BEST VALUE - 'Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated Book' PLUS 'Demolay: Kindergarten For Satanists' DVD PLUS 'Masons: Friend or Foe' DVD --- save $17.00
Category: Combination Offers
Item Number: CE-Combo-099
Price: $61.93
Sale Price: $26.98
This combination offer of these three resources on Freemasonry is one of the most unique we can possibly offer. You get the perspectives from three major resources, all experts on Freemasonry.

1) Dr. Cathy Burns, 'Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated' book. Dr. Burns is one of the most knowledgeable researchers on Freemasonry in the world, and offers hundreds of footnotes to prove her controversial information, almost all from Masonic authors

2) Bill Schnoebelen, former Satanist and Freemason, "'Demolay: Kindergarten For Satanists' DVD provides the unique perspective only available from a former insider! The DeMolay organization is one of the most dangerous societies on earth -- and it is aimed directly at your precious child. Consider the spiritual bondage inherent in DeMolay

3) David Wegener, 'Masons: Friend or Foe' DVD'. Wegener's skill lies in his ability to discover film clips which no one even knows exists and weave them into a compelling story.

DVD's total 4 hours 30 minutes, while book totals 543 pages and hundreds of footnotes, Save $30!

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