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Item Name: Stephen Johnston KJV Audio NT on CD
Category: Audio Tapes and audio on CD
Sub-Category: Bibles - Audio
Item Number: H-1-59856-071-9
Price: $24.97
Sale Price: $9.99
This Audio New Testament on CD presents Stephen Johnston's rich narration.

High-quality CD's feature state-of-the-art digital recordings.

Stephen Johnson has been narrating and producing television, radio and audio Bible products since 1981. In these past two decades, Johnson products have sold over 100 million cassetts, CD's and DVD's. The many awards Stephen Johnston has received for his fine voice narration include: 1) The Emmy; 2) New York Film Critics Award; 3) The Thomas Jefferson Award; 4) The Freedom's Foundation of Valley Forge; 5) The National Silver Microphone Award; 6) The Army Commendation Medal Save $7.00!


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