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Item Name: En Route to Global Occupation - by Gary Kah
Category: Illuminati Plan
Sub-Category: Books
Item Number: HW-BK1
Price: $11.99
'Enroute To Global Occupation' is the #1 Christian book which exposes the hidden truth that Illuminized Freemasonry is THE secret force behind the global drive to the New World Order

'Enroute' reveals: 1) Masonry is the modern day rebirth of Gnosticism and of the Ancient Mystery Religions; 2) Proves Lucifer is the god worshipped in the super-secret Masonic Palladian Rite which Albert Pike created; 3) Reveals that Masonry either created or furthered the rise of false religions designed to weaken and dilute the genuine Christian faith -- Christian Science, Unitarianism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Mormon Church

'Enroute' demonstrates the role which the Luciferianic Knights Templar and Rosicrucianism played in forming Freemasonry

Shows a very critically important map of the world of the 10-Nation reorganization now being carried out today. Clearly shows the North American and the South American regions being created into separate super states! Most important map, the likes of which I have not seen

Reveals Masonic control of U.S. Government through the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the CIA, and Skull & Bones. Gary then proves that these organizations control both political parties!

224 pages

This may be the single-most important book on the market!

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