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Item Name: Pamphlet - Answers To Evolution
Category: Pamphlets - Booklets
Item Number: RP-468X
Price: $3.99
Science textbooks teach Darwinism virtually without question despite the growing lack of evidence. The full-color glossy Answers to Evolution pamphlet gives students dozens of quotes from respected scientists to help refute the evolutionary theory, and showing that even Darwin believed it could be flawed and wouldnt hold up against a preponderance of scientific evidence. This bestselling 12-panel pamphlet is easy-to-understand and teaches youth to understand and respectfully address errors in Darwinism.

A powerful tool to help young students to develop arguments that refute the evolution and Big Bang theory, among others. Using quotes and information from respected scientists, the pamphlet tackles 16 key questions regarding the theory of evolution and provides students with insight on the flaws of the theories.

Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

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