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Item Name: Pastor Hoggard DNA / Bible Code Combo Offer - Save $15.00
Category: Special Offers
Item Number: PRM-COMBO-22-DVD
Price: $44.97
Sale Price: $29.97
Buy all three of Pastor Hoggard's DNA / Bible DVD's in this Special Offer and save $15.00 over buying them individually! Great for Gift Ideas.

Part 1 - Jesus Christ, DNA and the Holy Bible - Science is catching up with the Bible! In this video, Hoggard shows amazing correlations between the Bible and DNA, and how the Gospel message is literally encoded in our genetic structure. This DVD is not only full of scientific fact, but contains a clear and simple salvation message.

Part 2 - Mother of All Secrets. Men who worship the occult regularly consult with familiar spirits so they can take counsel against God. Therefore, the conspiracy by which they seek to overthrow God is demonic to its core. Hoggard states that he will show this secret manifesting itself through Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the New Age Movement, plus modern movies and advertising.

Part 3 - Triple Helix - God created man with a Double Helix DNA strand. But modern genetic scientists have created a Triple Helix DNA strand, a change which transforms the man God created into a Beast! Modern day scientists are trying to give the Global Elite immortality so that they will have no need for the Savior's Cross.

Save $15 over buying these three DVD's individually

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