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Item Name: A Judged Creation - Volume 2 - by Pastor Billy Crone - 2 DVD's 5 Sessions
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: End of the Age
Item Number: GET-DVD-39
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $9.99
This Volume 2 thoroughly studies key judgments which God has already delivered upon rebellious, wicked mankind sessions -
  • 1 - 'A Gargantuan Boat Part 2  Israelites forced to wander 40 years in the desert'

  • 2 - 'The Glorious Civilization' Part 1 - Battle against God in Book of Revelation culminating in Armageddon

  • 3 - 'A The Glorious Civilization' Part 2  Pain and suffering culminating White Throne Judgment

  • 4 - 'A Giant Life form Part 1 - Satan comes back after the 1,000 year reign scoffers and rebellious will abound, causing God to bring down final judgment, throwing people, Satan into Hell

  • 5 - 'A Giant Life form Part 2 Our Impending Judgment Today: Prayer taken out of school; Abortion; Free Sex; Vigilant Crime abundant

    2 DVD's, 5 sessions of teaching

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