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Item Name: DVD - A Fearful Creation - Volume 1 - by Pastor Billy Crone - 4 Session Combo
Category: Evolution vs Creation
Item Number: NFBC-DVD-32
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Open any children's book on dinosaurs and what do you usually see on the very first line of the first page? 'Millions of years ago', right? But have you ever stopped to think that if God created all the life on this planet, including dinosaurs, then why doesn't the children's book say 'In the beginning,God'?

Can it be that we are being brainwashed with an evolutionary lie about dinosaurs that most people will never discover the Biblical truth about God?

The answer, simply, is 'yes'. This series not only shows the true history of dinosaurs, but it also demonstrates the true leson of dinosaurs.

Four provocative sessions:

  • Does the Bible mention dinosaurs?
  • Did Man coexist with dinosaurs?
  • Did a worldwide flood destroy dinosaurs?
  • Did dinosaurs get on and off the Ark?

    4 - Session Combo approximately 50 - 60 minutes each.

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