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Item Name: America's Founding Fathers Combination Offer - New Atantis, Riddles In Stone, Hidden Faith - Save $60
Category: Combination Offers
Item Number: AF-DVD-Combo-3
Price: $89.97
Sale Price: $49.97
This 'Founding Fathers' special offer will prove to be the ultimate 'Truth Weapon' in the struggle to tell people the truth about our Founding Fathers and their true plan. Once you see 'New Atlantis', 'Riddles In Stone' and 'Hidden Faith' you will know the true agenda that our Founding Fathers were pursuing when they founded the American Governmet.

Remember we report in this entire series that the Culture of America was founded on Christian principles thanks to the Great Revival of 1741-1800. But our government was established on the pagan agenda of Freemasonry!

'New Atlantis' reveals that Sir Francis Bacon and Queen Elizabeth I started planning for America to arise out of the North American Colonies and our Founding Fathers faithfully carried that plan out

'Riddles In Stone' examines the pagan gods and goddesses which populate Government Center in Washington, D.C., and shows that these pagan monuments, paintings and street layouts tell the same story: America was founded in order to produce the Masonic 'King of Despots', whose name is 'Desinty' on the world scene.

'Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers' reveals that the key Fathers were most definitely NOT genuine Christians, according to their own words. In fact, you will find it hard to believe what President Washington did on his death bed! This DVD also proves that David Barton is fostering a huge untruth when he boldly quotes Founding Fathers out of context in his effort to convince people that these men were genuine Christians who love Jesus Christ and His Christian Church

Each DVD is 3 hours long, so the combination offer offers 9 hours of teaching. Each DVD retails for $29.99 so this offer saves you $40, which makes this offer $10 better than a 'Buy 2, Get 1 FREE'.

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