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Item Name: Z-B2 KJV/Amplified Commentary Parallel Bible -- Black Bond Leather
Category: Bibles
Item Number: Z-0310925606
Price: $64.99
THE favorite Bible resource of Cutting Edge Minisries! On the left of each page, you read the timeless, priceless KJV, while on the right you see the modern language verse-by-verse Amplified Bible Commentary. Since English is a far inferior language than ancient Greek and Hebrew, significant loss of meaning occurs when one of these dynamic languages is translated word-for-word into English. The Amplified Bible Commentary is written to correct this problem, written verse by verse like a Bible. The KJV on the left solves any problem you might feel with a modern translation, while the Amplified restores much meaning in the original languages. Also available in hardcover. 8 pt. font
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