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Item Name: The Last War - Compelling Book by Jim Fletcher - Close-Out, Quantities Limited To Stock On Hand
Category: Special Offers
Item Number: NLP-15038
Price: $10.99
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Conflict in the Middle East has simmered and boiled for decades. Now, war and terrorism are global in scope. The Last War contains supremely relevant information for all concerned: • Why do Islamic radicals hate the West? • What is the radical Moslem’s world view? • Who are Osama bin Laden’s allies? • Who are the “Little Satan” and the “Great Satan”? • Are we being told the whole truth about our enemies?

Tragically, a decade of intense diplomacy and negotiation has given way to widespread violence: some analysts, aware of the real potential for catastrophic war in the region, openly wonder if this will all lead to a “last war” of sorts

You will be able to see clearly that the latest confrontations are a prelude to a devastating conclusion.

240 pages

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