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Item Name: Israel and the Church: The Prodigal Heirs - DVD by Dr. Chuck Missler
Category: Israel
Sub-Category: DVD's
Item Number: KH-DVD-04
Price: $19.99
One of the most burning issues of our current age is whether the return of Israel back to her land in 1948 was fulfillment of God's ancient prophecies or was just an accident of history. What you believe has great ramification for your view of the world and God's role -- or lack of role - for present-day Israel.

Dr. Missler asks several burning questions: 1)Has God abandoned Israel? 2) Has the Church 'replaced' Israel? 3)What does the Bible say?

As we watch the world events, it is clear that Israel is following her prophetic scenario, and a new chapter is about to be writtenand there may be a big surprise on our near horizon!

Great tool to reach people who believe the Church has replaced Israel

Contains 2 hours of teaching

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