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Item Name: Got Peace? - Learn How to Have Peace at ALL Times - DVD
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Christian Life/Growth
Item Number: NFBC-DVD-39
Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $4.99
One of the many ways God extends His love towards His children is by giving them His peace. In fact, Jesus made it absolutely clear that to those who come to Him, those who become true born again Christians, He has already given them His Peace. Yet, the irony is, most Christians today seldom experience this tranquilizing peace even though it's already been given to them. Therefore, this study, Got Peace? takes a look at the two things we Christians need to do if we're going to once again unlock that supernatural peace that God has already given to us. We simply need to Trust in God's Plan and Turn Our Eyes Toward Heaven. That's why when it comes to experiencing God's amazing peace, the question is simply whether or not we will receive it. Jesus did not say that we Christians might have peace and neither did He say that some day we would be given peace. But rather, He made it very clear that He has already given it to us. Got Peace? Yes you do, if you're a Christian. The question is, whether or not you'll receive it!

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