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Item Name: Does God Really Exist? (Real Scientific Proof) (1 DVD)
Item Number: SBC-DVD-03
Price: $14.99
The question of, 'Does God Really Exist?' is no small question. It has serious consequences to one's life both now and in the hereafter. That's because what you believe determines how you behave. If you don't believe in God, you'll act ungodly.

Therefore, this study, 'Does God Really Exist?' shares the four classical arguments proving the existence of God. They are: 1) Ontological Argument, 2) the Teleological Argument, 3) the Anthropological Argument, and 4) the Cosmological Argument. If our society does not believe that there is a God, then why are we so shocked when they keep acting like it? We don't need anymore secular solution to the ills of our society. What we need is the Truth of God's existence proclaimed across our great nation. People need to know that God alone is to be worshiped and that God alone will demand an account of every word and deed we have ever done. Why? Because God Really Does Exist!


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