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Item Name: Buy 1 DVD, Get 1 DVD FREE! Buy Psalm 83 DVD, Get Israel: God's Timepiece FREE
Category: Combination Offers
Item Number: SALHUS-COMBO-005
Price: $44.98
Sale Price: $19.99
Did you know that God has made Israel the centerpiece and the timepiece for End Times events? If you watch events in Israel you can determine the closeness of the Prophetic Hour in the entire Middle East.

In 'Psalm 83' DVD -- really 3 DVD's in 1 -- Bill Salhus identifies the Arab confederacy that wants to wipe Israel off of the map. He demonstrates that the unholy Arab alliance of Psalm 83 is the next current News Headline.

In 'Israel: Gods Timepiece', Mac Dominick examines the Arab-Israeli conflict, from Old Testament times to our Modern Times. Starts with the God’s scattering of the Jews The diaspora -- to the founding of Israel in 1948, and finally to the current conflict. The Palestinian issue is thoroughly dealt with, not only in terms of the current struggle, but God’s severe plans for them.

Dominick shows detailed maps of the region which are a delight since you can make much more sense of how events are going to occur.

Total hours of teaching in the two DVD titles is 6 hours for only $19.99. Is this the best offer on the Internet?

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