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Item Name: Peddling Influence DVD: Exposing The Covert, Sinister Side of Media
Category: Illuminati Plan
Sub-Category: DVD
Item Number: BMG-DVD-05
Price: $19.99
From the blatant falsifying of news to the lack of real integrity in the media this film touches on several pieces of information that have shaped our opinions and our thoughts, and most have been based on deception, persuasion and money... instead of the basic facts.

Chapter headings are powerful - 1) Who is responsible when the media fabricates the news? 2) Where does our mainstream media get their news? Is it accurate? 3) How many wars have been directly influenced and driven by the media? 4) How does our media choose its experts? 5) Does advertising play a roll in what media decides is newsworthy? 6) How does our media use crises to push the government agenda?7) How do we correct the problems that exist in the mainstream media?

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