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Item Name: Countdown To Eternity, Vol 7 2- DVD Set, - Big Brother In The New World Order
Category: Pastor Crone
Item Number: SBC-DVD-007
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Pastor Billy Crone alerts Christians that 'Big Brother Surveillance' is here now, and is getting larger and more efficient. Very soon, governments throughout the world are going to have the incredibly sophisticated surveillance of every citizen every minute of the day, just as Revelation 13:16-18 foretells!

Hot topics in this 2-DVD Set are:

1) A New World Order;

2) A New World Crisis;

3) A New World Control;

4) Big Brother Society, Part 1;

5) Big Brother Society, Part 2;

6) Big Brother Society, Part 3.

Six messages on two disks, over 4 hours long

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