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Item Name: The Hanukkah Endtime Mystery (DVD)
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Jewish Roots
Item Number: WND-978-193507104-4
Price: $12.95
Hanukkah contains one of the most amazingly detailed revelations of the End Times  Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, beautifully explains the End Time mysteries of Hanukkah, with stunning detail on what is yet to come, and what is already happening right now before our eyes!

Most people are somewhat familiar with the Hanukkah story as related in the Book of Maccabees, an extrabiblical history of Israeli rebellion against a Greek tyrant who desecrated the Temple. They know the story of the lighting of the menorah and the miracle of the oil that kept burning far beyond any reasonable expectation. But even Bible scholars and Christians knowledgeable about the Hebrew Roots of their faith don't know about the ancient End Time mystery revealed in the story of Hanukkah.

Cahn, the Messianic Rabbi who authored "The Harbinger," the bestselling Christian book of 2012, shares his unique Jewish perspective on Hanukkah and how it ties in with Christian prophecy

50 minutes long

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