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Item Name: A Confident Peace: Letting Revelation Change The Way You Live, Book by Dr. Mark Becton
Category: Books
Sub-Category: Faith Building
Item Number: AI-978-1-62020-234-0
Price: $17.99
'A Confident Peace' demonstrates that the Book of Revelation is more than prophetic timelines or tales with apocalyptic images. This message inspires full surrender to Jesus Christ, living with confident peace even when life falls apart.

When hurt by the sins of others, when persecuted by ungodly governments, when impacted by the death and disease of a fallen world, when frustrated by friends and family who repeatedly turn from God instead of to Him, the Book of Revelation helps us walk these unwanted roads with confident inner peace.

This book also reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. God's holiness, Satan's deception, and humanity's sinfulness are constants from age to age. Looking into the prophesied future, 'Revelation' gives us a confident peace to recognize Satan's deceptions, overcome our sinful inclinations and honor God with our lives today.

Finally, 'A Confident Peace' illuminates God's Big Picture, reminding us that the One Who started man's history wins it ALL. With over 550 Old Testament references, the Book of Revelation ties together God's activity throughout Scripture. Seeing the thread of God's hand tightly woven in our past and future gives us confident peace, especially when it feels that life is unraveling all around us.

During a time of prophesied turmoil so intense that people's hearts fail them for fear, the Book of Revelation contains the message which brings perfect inner peace.

421 Pages

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