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Item Name: Countdown To Eternity, Vol 9, Mark of the Beast - by Pastor Billy Crone
Category: Pastor Crone
Item Number: SBC-DVD-009
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $4.99
Pastor Crone sounds the alarm: we are being powerfully conditioned to accept a 'Mark' either implanted or placed on the surface of our forehead or hand that will totally control our lives. This 'Mark' will go far beyond 'buying and selling'.

Subjects are: 1) 'The Proof of the Mark'; 2) The Biometrics of the Mark; 3) 'The Convenience'; 4) Individual 'Willingness To Take The Mark'; 5) 'The Mandate' To Force Everyone To Take The Mark; 6) 'The Options For The Mark'.

Pastor Crone details the reality that numerous foreign nations are far beyond the United States in implementing a total 'Mark' control system.

2- Disk DVD Set, OVER 4 HOURS LONG, FOR ONLY $19.99

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