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Item Name: Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity - DVD - Vol. 1, Hyper-Reality Series
Category: Illuminati Plan
Sub-Category: DVD
Item Number: JF-DVD-617390-277778
Price: $21.99
The immense leap in technological advancement is changing the way we live, learn, interact and believe. Since before the Pharoahs, man has tried to become like gods. Transhumanism has taken this desire to the next step, with the pursuit of immortality, omniscience, and ultimate power. Technology may be paving the way for humans to achieve this version of godhood. At this point, Transhumanists will become immortal.

How should a believer react to these emerging technologies? We are entering into the Hybrid Age. This drive has become a Divinity Cult, using science to become gods.

Speakers include Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Thomas Horn, and Joe Farah.


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