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Item Name: 10 Word of Faith Doctrines Weighed Against Scripture: Booklet by Danny Frigulti
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Item Number: LHT-BKT-DF-WF
Price: $1.95
Since the 1970s, a growing and captivating faith-teaching movement has saturated the world. This movement continues to emphasize 'faith Scriptures' as a foundation for encouraging Christians to have strong and unwavering faith when speaking, confessing, or declaring God's Word for health and wealth. Most people refer to this faith movement as the 'Word of Faith,' and many use Romans 10:8 and 17 to lay a foundation for their faith belief.

our focus will also be on refuting ten common false faith teachings found worldwide.
1) Identifying the Sources of Sickness and Disease.
2) Discerning True Faith.
3) Jesus and the Teaching of Positive Confession.
4) Creative Visualization.
5) Financial Angels.
6) Seed Faith for $.
7) 3 John 2 Health and Wealth?
8) Abraham's Covenant.
9) the Curse of the Law.
10) Guaranteed Physical Healing Through Christs Atonement.

If you will look back at the various Word of Faith doctrines that have been exposed, you should scripturally discern the real Jesus didn't teach any of these, nor did His apostles. These false faith doctrines are rampant worldwide. If you are involved with believing any of these unscriptural doctrines, you need to repent by renouncing them and exposing them.


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