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Item Name: 10 Vital Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Keep Their Faith - Booklet by Berit Kjos
Category: Booklets - Lighthouse Trails
Price: $1.95
The following ten points offer practical and scriptural advice on how to raise your children to know and love the Lord and to continue walking in the faith.

1) Be Alert & Always Keep on Praying; 2) Know What Your Child Is Learning in School or better yet, Homeschool with Christian curricula; 3) Daily, Share Gods Values With Your Children; 4) Train Your Child To Be 'Ambassadors' For God; 5) Teach Your child to Know God's Instructions & Warnings; 6) Encourage Your Child To Choose the Good; 7) Train Your Child to Follow God, Not Peers; 8) Training Children to Love Good and Resist Evil; 9) Prepare Your Child for a Lifetime of Reading and Listening with Discernment' 10) Leading Your Child to Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord and Work To Mature Them in the Faith

Booklet is 14 pages long


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