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Item Name: One Blood for Kids: Book by Ken Ham - What Parents Need To Know About Race So They Can Teach Their Children
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Childrens
Item Number: NLP: 978-1-68344-120-5
Price: $16.99
In this era, the world is more divided about race than ever before. Some people are concerned that America could erupt into a racial civil war. Christian author, Ken Ham, teaches parents how to educate their children as to the Biblical reality of the numerous races in the world today.

Discussions about race are inundated with political correctness and cultural buzzwords. Yet, it is critical to have this difficult conversation with children today in a way they can understand and God has given us a simple, powerful answer in the Bible.

Apologetics author Ken Ham provides children important insight and a Biblical foundation that combat the evolutionary nonsense of multiple human races. From the Garden of Eden to our world today, there is just one race ' the human race ' and once you understand that, racism loses its power!

Brings a uniquely biblical and easy-to- understand perspective to the cultural issue of racism. Sweeps aside popular talking points to get to the real heart of the issue as a matter of sin. Upends stereotypes by sweeping away the flawed science of Darwin's worldview

Hard Cover Teaching Book

Full color illustrations, Large Format Coffee Table Book Size


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