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Item Name: DVD - Attack of the Killer C's 2 1/2 -Hours in 5-Sessions
Category: Videos
Sub-Category: Christian Life/Growth
Item Number: NFBC-DVD-16
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99
The "attack of the Killer 'C's" -- This 2 1/2- hour, 5- Session set covers the Casual Christian, Cultural Christian, Compromising Christian, Corruptive Christian, Counterfeit Christian. In today's society, when these types of "Christians" are literally opening the door to Antichrist, this video is a breath of fresh air. This disaster is of such magnitude that it makes the Titanic look like "chump change"! This video reveals the cosmic battle in which we are engaged and exposes the seductive weapons Satan uses to keep us from being the mighty army of God. Over 100 years ago, Christian Churches stopped teaching this material, opening the door for the current terrible spiritual state of both our churches and our society. This video sounds the alarm as a good "Watchman On The Wall". We are under attack! Rise up, oh men of God, to battle for the millions of souls deceived and in risk of Hell.
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