Use Me Lord

Solo recording by Christian artist Kevin Inafuka as he sings his praise to the Lord, and prayerfully asks Him to use him in a great and mighty way. Kevin’s personal testimony, but you will discover it is your testimony also.
Kevin Inafuku shares his testimony through heartfelt messages in song.

1) O Come and Sing Unto the Lord - Listen
2) This Poor man CriedYou Are God
3) Redeemed
4) Amazing Grace, Amazing Love
5) Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting
6) Sing Out With Splendor Now Playing a portion of this song.
7) In All Things God Works for Our Good
8) I Will Serve You
9) Here I Am
10) Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling - Listen
11) Take Me, Lord
12) Give Your Best to the Master
13) You Are God

Accompanied by the SoundForth Singers and Orchestra.

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