DEBKAfile, October 24, 2001

1.  "High war alert on Israel's northern border following Monday's heavy exchange in Shaaba Farms sector."  NOTE:  Hizballah fighters opened fire with mortars and missiles upon IDF positions in the Shaaba Farms.  Israel retaliated, but not strongly.

2.  "Hizballah Advances Missile Batteries, Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Weapons Up to Front Line".  NOTE:  Muslim fighters of the Hizballah signed on to fight and be martyred in glorious battle against Israel.  If they understand that America is about to attack them from warships off Lebanon -- including 2,500 Marines -- they might not want to die fighting American infidels.  They may attack Israel before American forces can begin their attack.

This would cause all-out Regional War.

3.  "Israel Airspace Closed Tuesday Without Warning for Three Days as Giant US C-17 Air Transports Airlift
Military Supplies to Israel and Jordan."  NOTE:  This development is clearly an act of war preparation. Israel and Jordan must feel they need an extra infusion of military supplies and/or equipment just before the war begins. This sudden closure of Israeli airspace shouts war preparation.


Clearly, the entire region seems to be lurching toward all-out war.  We may have a short-lived peace while Steps 3 and 4 of the New Jerusalem Covenant Project are worked out [Read NEWS1529], but the Bible speaks only of unrelenting war as the world prepares to go through the final birth pangs of Matthew 24 designed to produce Antichrist.

Events seem to tell us that the World War III scenario looms before us, accompanied by the terrorism in our cities, economic collapse, Martial Law and the suspension of our Constitutional Government.  Are you spiritually ready?

David Bay, Director
Cutting Edge Ministries