by Moshe -----
Voice of Judea, 21 November 2001

A letter from a soldier in the IDF--Israel Defense Forces---simply and
eloquently addresses media lies and bias in reports about Israel.

  I am Moshe, a 19 year old soldier in the IDF and I was given an army
  furlough for my Sabbath.  I would rather not give you my last name as
  I serve in a special unit in the IDF that is sometimes called on to
  find terrorists.  My best friend's younger sister was killed in the
  Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem by what you guys called a Palestinian

  I just got home for Sabbath and I am checking my email and surfing the
  news on the internet.  On Wednesday night, Nov. 14, my unit received
  orders to enter Khan Yhunis,in the Gaza Strip area.  Khan Yhunis
  sounds like Cannes but does not show new movies in a festival. For
  weeks and months,the PLO have been sending mortars, RPG, and other
  incendiary devices into Jewish areas in the Gush Katif and Gaza areas
  from Khan Yhunis.

  The PLO, according to my studies of Oslo, are not supposed to have
  these types of weapons.  When I was in junior high school, my late
  Prime Minister Rabin gave guns to the PLO to police their newly
  received territories.  Mortars, RPG, anti tank missiles, and firebombs
  were not part of the gift package from Israel to the PLO in Oslo.

  I noticed on the internet today that you are all reporting in
  yesterday's news that "Israeli soldiers entered Palestinian cities and
  killed Palestinians, knocked down buildings, and destroyed some
  schools."  In addition, I am reading in the YAHOO and REUTERS news that
  these soldiers destroyed vineyards and other areas of 'commerce' in

When I grew up in Tel Aviv, my parents who immigrated from London, always
taught me not to lie or make up stories.  Once I played hookey from school
and I told my father that I was at a friend's house.  In reality, I was at
a movie theater with a girlfriend watching all the movies in each theater.
Boy, did I get into trouble, not for playing hookey, but for lying.

  Let me share with you what really happened on Wednesday night, Nov. 14
  when we entered Khan Yhunis.  It is so far from the lies of your media
  and the reporters who make up the stories as they receive the weekly
  envelopes from the PLO terrorists' media liaisons.

  At 1AM,the lead tanks began to enter the perimeter of Khan Yhunis.
  The IAF gave us air cover with their helicopters, while we infantry in
  our special forces (you know special forces like in Kabul), started to
  split up in groups of 4 IDF soldiers per section.

  The PLO who had been firing mortars on the Jewish civilians who live
  nearby were still reloading their mortars when we surprised them.  We
  shouted in Arabic to stop and of course they did not stop the mortar
  loading process.  We fired and killed the two loaders and injured the
  other three PLO terrorists.

  We continued to approach this large building in an open area.  Our
  intelligence had told us a few hours earlier that this building
  contained a storage of mortars, RPG, and anti tank missiles.  My
  commander, Duvduv,ordered us to surround the building while the
  helicopters above began firing their missiles to keep away the PLO

   I was the first to open the door of this building in Khan Yhunis.  At
  2 AM we stormed the building and arrested about 14 PLO terrorists who
  did not even fire one shot in their surrender.

  We radioed in for our empty IDF trucks to enter Khan Yhunis and remove
  the contents of the building.  We counted 133 mortars, 60RPG, and 43
  antitank missiles.  In addition, we confiscated boxes and boxes of
  nails, the type that are used in the suicidal bombers' packages.  (Like
  the nails that exploded in Sbarro and blew up my friend's sister in
  August 2001.)

  We continued sweeping and searching Khan Yhunis when at 3 15AM ,we
  encountered gunfire from the local school building's upper floor.  We
  knew that the school children were not in school at 3 15AM, so it had
  to be more bad guys.

   My unit began firing back and killed another 2 'school teachers' (YAHOO
language).  I think that YAHOO and REUTERS lied and that the two who were
killed at 3 15 AM were terrorists without teacher certification!

  The incursion(as BBC labels it), was complete by 8AM.  We had knocked
  down a storage facility with arms, we had captured some terrorists,we
  had killed some, and we have all this newly acquired ammunition which
  Mr. Rabin did not give to the PLO in 1994.   We had worked a full 8
  hour day.

  You guys send your reporters to film and make up stories like fairy
  tales.  The vineyards that we destroyed were venues for the PLO
  sharpshooters which George Tenet's CIA trained to shoot Jews.  You
  know George was so busy with his Middle East plan that he forgot that
  the CIA was successful in its sniper schools in Virginia.  The
  vineyards don't exist anymore in Khan Yhunis because of our terrible
  action that night.

  The more I try to explain to you what really happened that night, the
  more you will appear to be pathological liars and media distortionists
  par excellence, so what the heck... I tried.

  I have to get some rest and do laundry before the Sabbath.   I have to
  be back at my base near Gaza on Sunday morning at 8AM when I am sure
  that we in the IDF will have to find more mortar firing
  sources, destroy more vineyards, schools, and discover more non Rabin
  supplied ammo.

  Keep up the biased and anti Israel media.   I know that is your
  parnasa (income).   It may be your parnasa, but Israel is my life and
  Israel and I  will be here long after cable disappears.