Signs in the Heavens
Last Trumpet Newsletter, November, 2001

While on the earth there is distress of nations with perplexity, just as our Saviour told us there would be, we are also seeing signs in the heavens. NASA engineers have been forced to change the flight path of a spacecraft that was set to orbit the planet Mars this month of October. In mythology and witchcraft, Mars or Aries, also known as the "angry red planet", was the god of war. Now, an unprecedented planet-wide dust storm has erupted, which started just before the twin towers were attacked. (22) It is interesting that the huge dust storm started in what is called the Hellas basin and caused a large red cloud that moved from the North and East and soon covered the entire planet. I have personally viewed this storm through a computerized telescope, and it is amazing beyond description. This is obviously a sign from the Lord, as a planet that has traditionally been regarded as a planet of war has tempestuous winds of over 260 mph and is kicking up dark red or blood-colored dust 40 miles high on the planet's surface. (23)

On our troubled planet earth, scientists are becoming very concerned about the imminent eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma, a Spanish island off West Africa. Scientists are calculating that if the volcano erupts, a tsunami 900 meters high would move 250 kilometers in 10 minutes. Calculations show that Florida and the Caribbean would face waves 50 meters high. (24)

Another problem has plagued the United States in the first two weeks of October. In only the first half of October, 83 tornadoes have battered the United States. (Incidentally, 8 plus 3 is 11. There's that number again!) A total of 14 tornadoes ripped through our country during the first week of October, and a whopping 59 assaulted our nation in the second week. (25) Many of them hit the President's home state of Texas as he prepared to go to war. The average number of tornadoes for the entire month of October is 29 events. Is the Almighty God telling us something?

In addition to all of the above, the U.S. Geological Survey reported an amazing 300 earthquakes from October 2 through October 14. This has been a rumbling and shaking of our planet in "divers" or different places for a period of 13 days. (26) While most of them were not of great magnitude, it still means that the earth is continually rumbling from one place to the next. What I find even more amazing is the three day period from October 14th through October 16th. During this time, 21 earthquakes occurred with magnitudes ranging from 3.8 to 5.7. I am also amazed that even though these earthquakes occurred in vastly different areas at great distances from each other all over the world, 16 of the 21 occurred at a depth of 33 kilometers. That number "33" is highly significant, because it is the number sacred to Freemasonry. It is also three 11's. Is the Lord showing the scientists something by causing 16 earthquakes at the same depth within three days? October 14, Indonesia, depth-33 km; October 14, Aleutian Islands, depth-33 km; October 14, Kashmir, India, depth-33km; October 15, off coast of Central America, depth-33km; October 15, Tonga Islands, depth-33km; October 15, North Island, New Zealand, depth-33km; October 15, Southern Greece, depth-33km; October 15, Alaska Peninsula, depth-33km; October 15, near coast of Central Chile, depth-33km; October 15, near coast of Central Chile, depth-33km; October 15, Vanuatu Islands, depth-33km; October 16, Sumatera, Indonesia, depth-33km; October 16, south of Alaska, depth-33km; October 16, Virgin Islands, depth-33.6km; October 16, Kuril Islands, depth-33km; October 16, Talaud Islands, Indonesia, depth-33km. (27)

Clearly, prophecy is being fulfilled, and signs are being given to us. It is time for Christians to take action and do the first works of our calling! If not now, when? Astronomers in Paris have recently made an amazing discovery. There is a mammoth black hole at the middle of our galaxy, which they have said is becoming a voracious gravitational monster, as it engulfs stars and light. (28) Has the Lord set in motion the dynamics by which the world will end? All indicators tell us the same thing, and that is that we are running out of time. Shouldn't everyone's number one priority be their relationship with Almighty God, the Creator of the universe? Isn't it high time to repent? Very soon, we will all stand as individuals before our Maker and give account! Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ, by which we are washed clean from all sin and iniquity.

In closing, I want to say thank you for your prayers. I have been under tremendous pressure lately, and I can feel your prayers. We at Last Trumpet pray continually and are happy to receive your requests. Thanks also to all of you who support this ministry; it is all is so very much appreciated. Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer