by Bet Shemesh 99100 Israel
December 4, 2001

"A closer look!

If it looks like Prime Minister Sharon is doing what he should have done in  regards to fighting the Terror of Yasser Arafat, you got it; it just looks  like it. But I must admit it does look like he just may do something about
it some time soon, 'we hope'.

But the truth is, he has done no more this time than any of the other times  when they have killed us by the dozens on our street, buses, places of  entertainment and on our highways. Again he has blown up buildings and
property belonging to the PA. Of course after first doing everything  possible to be sure no Palestinian Terrorist would be killed. Yasser  Arafat's 2 helicopters and hangers were destroyed last night and the runway  at the Gaza Airport was bulldozed. Having his own international airport made Arafat feel important, but he has lost that, at least for now. And another  Palestinian Police Station was destroyed in the city of Jenin. A bomb went off in Bethlehem and was at first reported as an IAF attack, but later we found that there was no attack, and it was another terrorist bomb that went off prematurely.

It's 1:PM here at the writing of this article and only an hour ago I could hear the Israeli war planes flying over our house, as we are 26 miles from Gaza. At present there is very high winds and a dust storm making it impossible to see more than ¼ mile. So for now they have stopped. I have heard that 2 Palestinians were killed (not confirmed) and many wounded. The IAF has destroyed or damaged several Palestinian Security buildings in Gaza.

Over the past 2 hours the IAF has hit targets belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Tulkarm and Qalqilva. But it also should be noticed that before hitting any of them there is a couple flyovers to be sure they run for cover
and that only the building are destroyed with as little loss of life as possible. That sounds good to some I am sure, but it is not the building that are killing us, it is the terrorist themselves.

In Ramallah a building used by the Terrorist was also hit, and it was right beside the building Yasser Arafat was in. So now he can look out his windows and see Israeli Tanks, and the building next to him gets hit. I am sure he has plenty to think about today.

The Knesset met for 6 hours last night, and the best they could come up with was, 'The PA (Palestinian Authority) was a Government that supported Terrorism'. But still not having the courage to call Yasser Arafat officially
a Terrorist. Shimon Peres and the rest of the Labor Party (Left Wing Liberals) walked out of the Knesset and did not vote. But there was still a 61 majority there to make it part of the official stance of the Israeli Government. So I guess that is a step in the right direction, even if it was a very small step.

Shortly after the vote the Hamas Leader from Gaza came on television and said that the killing of Israeli civilians would not stop until the occupation ended. In previous speeches he has qualified that to mean, 'When
there is no more Israel'. Israel knows where this guy is located in Gaza but never goes after him.

Last night Israeli Tanks entered Tulkarm, Nablus, and Ramallah. At last report there was no resistance and no one killed. In Ramallah they are within 200 yards of Yasser Arafat's compound, in fact, I am sure he can see
them just setting there.

But I noticed something else, when Sharon was in New York, his first meeting was a secret one, with Henry Kissenger (Mr. New World Order Himself). It is now being reported in certain circles that Kissinger and others of the Illuminati also had meetings with Bush before Sharon got there. That there has been a major change in policy and the approach to the Middle East in regards to the Israeli, Palestinian situation. But the way I see it, it
hasn't changed to the point that they want to get rid of their darling Yasser Arafat. They have saved him and schooled him to long to loose him now. But they do need to help him move his people in a new direction, at
least for now. And out of all this disorder they will bring order. Big changes are about to transpire here in Israel, and one of the major problems is to re-educate the Palestinian people, if that is possible. Yasser Arafat needs the help of the IDF to eradicate the Hamas and Islamic Jihad. If he does it his people will rebel on him and even assassinate him. The powers to be certainly do not want that to happen to their darling.

There are reports by Gamla News and others that there is a movement of IDF Tanks and troop building up on our northern border. The word is that Hizbullah is planning an attack to help the Palestinians out.

It is my observation that what we are seeing is a restructuring of the PA and possibly even Israel since Kissinger and others have the ear of Sharon and I might add Bush as well. So the next few weeks and months will be most
interesting to watch. And when you add to all of the above the Hand of God moving in it all to bring about His Prophetic Word, it becomes exciting in the Spirit. We are living in exciting times and I believe many of us will
live to see the Messiah ... But there will be a time of sorrow before that happens. Not that two thirds of the world are already experiencing a time of sorrow, or even possibly tribulations.

At the same time God is placing His people where He wants them. The Gifts of the Spirit is moving with power in more people in a more serious way than I have ever witnessed in my 34 years of walking with my precious Yeshua the Messiah. The organized watered down and deceived Church is being left behind. While they gather and feed their soulish desires and waller in the flesh, God is moving His people into place. Many Pastors are aware of this
and because they are doing 'SO Well' they are denying the move of the Holy Spirit in their life and ministry. There is a Judgment for those Pastors who choose to follow the ways of men, and deny the Holy Spirit. For God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh in the end times. For those who sit in their elaborate building they call churches, comfortable in their sin, will pay a terrible price. They are full of self and would rather listen to a high paid Pastor who is comfortable as well in his financial security as well, having either denied his calling or never had one. But the time of reckoning is very close.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son in the IDF, for this ministry and your part in it. Shalom, Jerry Golden"

[Emphasis added]

CUTTING EDGE COMMENTS:  Mr. Golden comes really close to recognizing this charade for what it is and who is behind it.  The final goal is an Internationalized Jerusalem, a temporary Palestinian State, and a declaration from the Pope that all world's religions are now one.  This charade is not even good theater.