MESSIANIC JEW LIVING IN ISRAEL -- AT GROUND ZERO -- DESCRIBES LIFE IN THE MIDST OF THE PALESTINIAN WAR AND TERROR.  Jews are being converted to Jesus Christ in the midst of this terror!

12 December 2001
by Michael Z.

"Shalom Mitch! [Chosen People Ministries]

Saturday evening was one of the most significant in our congregational life.  After Henry Matarrita made invitation to commit life to Jesus, five people made decision. We have been so excited that we continued worshipping God another hour.

Then we took Henry and his wife and went up to Jerusalem thinking to go out having late supper somewhere in BenYehuda. But because it was late and we had children with us I decided to go home and to eat something.

Upon our arrival I have heard some quiet and remote sound. Then another one but did not think it is explosion. Then ambulances started to run one after other non stop. We turned on TV and learned that 10 people were killed at BenYehuda Street and another 170 wounded.

Next morning another 15 were killed and 40 wounded (some critically). In the same time we started to get news from all around Israel about terrorist attacks and many victims.

Feeling of the war.
After arrival of Sharon from US we all expected this war to begin. Actually today and yesterday the bombing has started. As bad as they are we believe it is just beginning of real war. Staff so far is safe. The spirit is high, especially in the light of recent decisions to follow Messiah.

Most of Israelis I speak with agree that terrorism has to be uprooted. Anger is hanging in the air. Even most of Messianic believers agree that there is no peaceful solution for current crisis. Malls are empty. Streets in downtown are people-less. Many businesses are shut down. We pray daily for Israel, our families and kids. It becomes not safe to send kids to school.

At least we have such feeling.
Same time no one is so pessimistic to leave the country. I have to say that regardless of what's going on around, spirit in congregations is high and we continue to share Good News even more intensively than before.

I think it is happened because of realizing how close we stay (God forbid) to disaster. Yesterday we held congregational business meeting and I was surprised how many people came. The congregation experiences substantial growth. Just yesterday 3 people asked about baptism. Another three asked about becoming congregational members.

So far we are good. For how long? God knows. Thank you very much for continuing prayers.

Michael Z.

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Chosen People Ministries, founded more than 100 years ago, is a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching Jewish people worldwide with Messiah's love. Our outreaches span four continents and bring together Jewish and Gentile believers who desire to minister to the Jewish people.

Cutting Edge Notes: Israel right now is going through the Matthew 24 Birth Pangs of which Jesus spoke in order to produce the "baby" Antichrist [24:15].  Please pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem, as the prophet David said through the power of the Holy Spirit:  "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."  [Psalm 122:6]

All throughout Church History, the persecuted church, the church under the gun of trouble, hardship, and disaster, is the pure church that perseveres and serves the Lord Jesus with the purest motives and heart.  Notice Michael's comment that his congregation is growing to the point he is surprised how many people come.  During this time of disaster and terrorism in the streets, Jewish Christian congregations are growing, while in complacent America, fundamental churches are half empty, while football stadiums are filled to capacity on a Sunday.

Truly, Americans today fit the End Times' prophecy of the people of that time:  "They will be lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements, more than, and rather than, lovers of God." [2 Timothy 3:4b; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary].

God is beginning to deal with Israel, to bring her Elect remnant through the fire so they will be Christian when Jesus appears, thus fulfilling the prophecy, "they shall look earnestly upon Me Whom they have pierced". [Ibid.]

On the other hand, God is beginning to deal with America in Judgment [Read CE1038, ] to understand America's role in this End of the Age.

May Jesus Richly Bless You,
David Bay, Director
Cutting Edge Ministries