by Lenny Goldberg
Voice of Judea News and Commentary
18 December 2001

""The right wing has no alternative to Oslo."  With these words, Israel's left wing consistently challenges the nationalist camp to come up with a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Arutz-7 Israel National Radio, rising to the challenge of formulating such an alternative, brought together over 20 leading thinkers of Israel's nationalist camp and asked them to articulate their substitute for the Oslo process.

Unfortunately, if predictably, we heard the same hemming and hawing, the same overcomplication of the subject. So many know what the solution is, but don't have the Jewish courage to say it in public, for all kinds of reasons. And so the left is correct - the national camp offers no real solution. And as long as the right refuses to offer a straight-forward unambiguous, "tachlis"  alternative to Oslo, than Oslo will remain an ever-continuing process.

Let us now explain what is not the alternative:

1. END OSLO - If it ends tomorrow, we are still left with a situation of Jew-hating Arabs in our midst, with guns given them under the terms of (defunct) Oslo. Remember, Oslo is not just a technical agreement signed in 1992, but rather the result of the right wing's lack of an alternative to the existence of millions of Jew-hating Arabs in Israel.

2. KILL (OR EXPEL) ARAFAT - Precision bombing and liquidation of leading terrorist figures are not the answer, and the same applies to Arafat. The entire Arab population is an incubator for terrorism, and such acts only create new martyrs. It is an illusion (wishful thinking?) that Arafat is responsible for the terror and creates it all. How comfortable it is for the government, and the Yesha leaders to blame Arafat, and not lay collective responsibility on the entire Arab population. By doing so, they can continue deluding themselves about the "innocent Arab populace".

3. MORE BUILDING IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA: If what we have built up to now didn't prevent Oslo, then certainly a few more houses won't. Building houses and "settling" the land, sadly enough, has become a camouflage for not dealing head-on with the real issue: the existence of millions of Yishmaelites who dwell in those areas.

4. TO DO TSHUVA: What kind of tshuva? To observe Shabbat? To eat only glatt kosher? While these are important mitzvot, it is just one more exercise in avoiding the issue. Tshuva, in this case, means fulfilling those
difficult  (and unpolitically correct) mitzvot which, when remain unfulfilled, directly cause the problems we face. Genuine tshuva is trusting in God, not fearing the backlash of the world if we fulfill the Torah commandment of expelling the [Muslims].

5. UNDERSTANDING THAT THIS IS A 'PROCESS' - So was Aushwitz. Vegetables which are pulverized to be made into soup are also being 'processed'.

6. UNITY IN OUR RANKS - Another slogan. Unity around what? Any kind of unity has to be around something. Some people are unified around the fact that they are Met fans. We, as believing Jews, try to unify around more
spiritual matters. Unity is a good thing only if it is centered around good aims. "The gathering of the wicked is bad for them and bad for the world. The gathering of the righteous is good for them and good for the world" (Sanhedrin, 8:5) And so, carte blanche calls for unity mean little.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

So what is the alternative of the right-wing nationalist camp to Oslo? The Arabs are soon to be a majority if we retain all of the lands Israel liberated in 1967. And there appears to be no end in site to Arab terror.

What is the answer to Oslo which would leave us with a tiny indefensible state,and many Israeli Arabs who are no less hostile and who have voting rights?

The answer is exchanging populations - Jews to Zion and Arabs to Arab lands. Pakistan, India, Turkey, Greece and so many other countries [have] removed much less hostile populations from their midst.

Yes, why is it kosher to expel Jews from their homes in Oslo's final settlement, yet considered barbaric and racist to remove hostile Arabs from the territories that they occupy in the Jewish homeland?"

CUTTING EDGE COMMENTARY:  This "removal" of the Arab population will occur, but on God's terms and according to His prophecies in Obadiah 15-18.  Read NEWS1422 for full understanding as to what is about to occur with the Palestinians, possibly after a short period of a false peace and a short-lived Palestinian State.