Witches using Potter craze to recruit:
Fri Dec 14 18:22:38 2001


Source: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,3416898^1702,00.html

From AAP December 11, 2001 AUSTRALIAN witches are seizing on the worldwide Harry Potter craze to lure new recruits, a NSW MP claimed today. Reverend Fred Nile, who represents the Christian Democratic Party, accused the child wizard of sparking a resurgence in the practice of witchcraft.
Rev Nile foresaw the witchcraft craze culminating in a witchcraft festival in Brisbane.
He predicted that up to 4,000 people would attend the festival where visitors would be able to try out spells, potions, crystal balls, brooms, cauldrons and healing herbs. 'Thousands of witches, wizards, fairies and pagan devotees fly into Brisbane for Queensland's first festival of witchcraft and magic,' Rev Nile said in a statement.
He said organisers of the festival had linked the Harry Potter craze to the renewed interest in witchcraft. 'The Harry Potter film and books are being used by witches to recruit young people into witchcraft.'
Rev Nile said the festival would feature talks with topics such as 'Were you a witch or wizard in your past life?' and 'How I see visions and you can too'."