by DEBKAfile, 27 January 2002

Powell Saturday: This Is Moment of Truth for Arafat
Friday, President Bush Said Arafat by Ordering Arms
 Was not Fighting Terror But Enhancing Terror
DEBKAfile’s Washington sources:
White House Is Ready for Direct Action against Arafat
After Learning of His Teheran-Assisted Attempts to
 Subvert Jordanian and Egyptian Regimes
Top Arafat Adviser Abu Rdeneh Later Warns Bush
That Cutting Ties with the Authority Would Cause
“Middle East Earthquake that No One Could Stop�,
 Demands US President Cancel
February 7 Invitation to Sharon
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Stepped up Palestinian Attacks in Gaza Strip Saturday Night
Include Mortars and anti-Tank Grenades
In S. Israel Two Palestinians Shot While Planting
Explosive Charge at Kibbutz Nahal Oz
IDF Tightens Blockade on All Palestinian Towns Following
Intelligence that All Groups Preparing Terror Attacks
Israeli Airforce F-16 Warplanes Friday Night Pound Palestinian
 Force 17 APC Depot in Gaza City and Police HQ of
 West Bank Town of Tulkarm
Strike Came Hours After Palestinian Suicide Bomber
Detonated Nail-Packed Explosive on S. Tel Aviv Pedestrian Mall
Leaving 25 Injured, 3 Seriously