by DEBKAfile, 7 February 2002

"Palestinian Authority Frees All Jailed Terrorists in West Bank and Gaza Detentions Centers
Thursday Morning, Including Senior Jihad and Hamas Terror Operatives".


This sudden action is deliberately designed to inflame tensions, since both the US and Israel have been demanding that Arafat end terrorism by arresting a long list of known terrorists and keeping them in jail.  At the point of Israel declaring war on the Palestinian Authority, Arafat began "arresting" the most notorious terrorists, and placing them in jails.   The US warned Arafat not to put these terrorists into jails that "have revolving doors in the back".

As Arafat continued to arrest known terrorist operatives, Israel calmed her rhetoric and began to back her forces down.  Now, Arafat is coming close to an outright declaration of war by suddenly freeing these terrorists.  When this action is combined with Arafat ordering his paramilitary police forces to war status, with Hamas activating its terror cells, and with Hizbollah readying its missiles along the Lebanese border, you can see that Israel and her immediate neighbors seem to be suddenly bracing for war.

At the same time, US forces are now massed on the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border, having been redeployed from the Afghanistan area.  Turkey has massed her troops on the Iraq border.  Jordan has sealed off her borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  Iraq has readied her military forces, has brought her nuclear forces to full alert, and has suddenly constructed her mammoth artillery guns capable of carrying warheads of Mass Destruction.

US war rhetoric toward Iraq is ratcheting upward almost daily.

The entire region seems ready to explode.  But, it has been here before, only to calm down at the last second.  Is this all-out regional war or the diplomatic "breakthrough" that will allow Jerusalem to be declared an International City and for the Pope to travel to Jerusalem to announce that all world's religions are now One?

We have several articles that will shed light on this planned event: