by Cutting Edge Subscriber

"I work for a major HMO Medical Health Plan in America and prefer to not name it do to I still work there. We had recent meeting about some changes in health care that is going to save the company some money. One topic came around for Cancer Patients.They did a side by side comparison of American Doctors attitude towards cancer patients verses other Countries Doctors attitude towards cancer patients. I wish I could remember every detail but 2 main points stuck with me.

Item 1 said about American doctors attitude: Death is the enemy and about other Countries doctors: Death is NOT to be feared. Item 2 said about American doctors attitude: Death is to be prevented and about other Countries doctors attitude: Life is to be embraced (notice the word games).

What's really interesting is that our company is going to outsource these programs to an outside vendor who will have these types of "guide-lines" so doctors can have support and have a "road-map" of how to treat these patients. Also there was a point made that these new guide-lines will elimate the "complications" of chemotherapy. What they really mean is that chemotherapy would be avoided in order to save cost and death would come sooner and there would be nothing to fear since we are to learn to embrace death, not fear it. There was also topics that had some programs set in place such as hospice, to make the last moments as comfortable as possible.

I would have never even noticed if it were not for your ministries encouragment to be alert at the changing world around us. I have this nausiating feeling in my gut that won't go away because of this first hand experience. I know that the Lord will help me be of good cheer though."