by DEBKAfile, 3 March 2002

Palestinian Terror Violence Continues Sunday Morning:
Terrorists in Mitsubishi Bomb-Car Pursued on
Road from Bethlehem to Jerusalem
Suicide Bomber at Large in Haifa
Early Sunday at 06:55 IT, Nine Israelis Killed –
Seven Soldiers and 2 Civilian – in Palestinian Shooting Ambush at Roadblock on Key Intersection Between Ofra And Shilo North of Ramallah
Eight Injured, Three Seriously
Another Soldier Killed, Four Injured, in Second
Palestinian Shooting Attack Early Sunday at
Kissufim Position Guarding Entrance to Gaza Strip
In 12 Hours up to Sunday Morning, Twenty Israelis
Killed by Palestinian Terrorists of Al Aqsa Martyrs
Brigade, Military Arm of Arafat’s Fatah
Sharon Government Ministers Split Between
Demands to Deport Arafat and Pressure to Leave Him and
Palestinian Authority in Place for Future Talks

Many Children Among 9 Israelis Killed and 51 injured in
Suicide Bombing in Jerusalem Saturday Night
Mother and Her 3 Small Children Among Dead
Israeli Police Officer Shot Dead East of Maaleh Adumim
Saturday Is Chief Inspector Moshe Dayan, 40
Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Military Arm of Arafat’s Fatah,
Claims Both Attacks
Israeli Air Force Strikes Force 17 Base in Bethlehem
Israeli Troops Pull Back from Nablus Refugee Camp to
Outskirts Early Sunday, Encircle Two
West Bank Camps Jenin and Nablus
Hizballah Anti-Air Fire Saturday Night from Lebanon

[Emphasis added]