by Cutting Edge Subscriber

March 4, 2002

"I was watching that television show , Ally McBeal (I know it's a waste of my time) but there was a really disturbing episode this time. It reminded me of the human harvesting articles that you had. The theme on Ally McBeal revolved around a 16 year old girl whose father was in prison for life for murdering his wife (the girls mom). Now this 16 year old girl is going to die in 6 weeks if she does not get a heart transplant and her father who is in prison volunteers to give her his heart so she can live. The father feels that he ruined his daughters life by killing her mom, so why not give her the gift of life. So the girl hires the attorneys at Ally McBeal's firm and they go to court to allow the dad to do to a hospital and be put to death and have his heart donated to his daughter. The dad says that he could always kill himself in jail, but there would be a chance that his heart would not be safely preserved in time. So while they go to court, the case drags and the dad gets!
frustrated because time is running short so the dad makes a run for it outside the courthouse and escapes and he goes to a hospital presents his "donar" card to the Hospital Staff and then shoots himself! The ending of the story is that the daughter goes to the hospital to get her dad's heart....Sickning! but this is what the story was about."