by Salt Shakers, 22 March 2002

"This bill appears to go further than any other State has ventured so far. The age of legal consenting sex is lowered to 16 (from 21) for all sexual activity.

Sex between minors allows an 18 year old to 'legally' engage in 'consenting' sodomy with a 13 year old!!!

It allows 16 year olds - or those who APPEAR to be 16 ( but could in fact be 13/14) into homosexual bath houses/saunas which have private 'rooms' (actually cubicles) for sex. Smoking laws make shops ask for identification for proof of age and thinking someone is 'old enough' is NOT a defence - but the Labor Party and Greens refused to accept an amendment to this effect to protect young boys from sodomy.

The Standing Together group in WA is planning to lobby the Governor of WA in an attempt to get him to refuse to sign this Bill into law. This would need a MIRACLE - will you please pray for one.

Pray for all those who have opposed this legislation - they have been very vocal and some were thrown out of the public gallery for interjecting TRUTH into the debate. Many have been publicly attacked by a small vocal minority in the community and need our support.