Israeli reservists have been called up world wide to return to Israel


Bill Handel's guest DR. Steve Pieczenik discussing the Middle East situation provided a scoop. Israel has announced a CODE 8 callup for Israelis world-wide. This means that all
Israelis world-wide must return and report for service. Implication is things are ready to GET HOT

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CUTTING EDGE NOTES: Some years ago, I read that the U.S., Great Britain, and Europe had secretly created a plan to prevent Israeli reservists from leaving their respective countries once war broke out. I discounted this plan at the time because I know how closely the U.S. and Great Britain are working with Israel in this entire scenario; however, Europe has always been anti-Semitic and continues to be so today. Even the U.S. and Britain instituted anti-Semitic policies during World War II that sent many Jews to their death in Hitler's death camps.

If Israel believes that all-out war is imminent, despite all the talk about a peace conference and a Palestinian State, it would make a lot of sense that they would issue a Code 8 global reservist call-up before the war actually begins, to get their reservists flowing to Israel while they can still clear customs in their respective countries.

This call-up is just one more clear sign of war seen amongst all the peace talk! Stay tuned.