Buckley Blasts Sharon's
'Scorched Earth' Response

While some conservatives blast President Bush for trying to restrain Israel's response to suicide attacks, another conservative is blasting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for "the stupidest campaign in recent memory."

Columnist William F. Buckley, in a Tuesday op-ed, writes that Sharon's offensive has "solved nothing, increased Israel's problems, intensified Palestinian hatred of Israel, estranged many Europeans and Americans, and fanned Islamic hostility." Buckley says that Sharon, in his effort to destroy the terrorist infrastructure, is conducting a scorched-earth campaign of "wanton damage."

According to Buckley, "What has been done is to enhance and even legitimize Palestinian grievances." Buckley's conclusion: "Mr. Sharon has wounded the state of Israel incalculably, causing ache and pain not only to Palestinians, but to his people and to friends of Israel everywhere."